Tameeni Mobile App
Cross-Platform Development

Project Overview

Tameeni is an app that offers comprehensive vehicle insurance policy from leading insurance providers in less than 5 mins.

Lead Role

  • Led a team of 4-5 members.
  • Used Azure DevOps to manage tasks, repos, branches and to code review teams’ pull requests.
  • And to maintain a pixel perfect implementation, I was reviewing the design to make sure it matches the specs.
  • Applied pre-commit/pre-push to prevent bad git commits and pushs with common linting errors such as no inline-style, propTypes validations, unused imports/variables, etc.

Mobile Development Role

  • Created and designed the app from scratch and kept the React Native version to latest.
  • Developed the app to work with 2 languages and added RTL support.
  • Integrated with payment gateways such as Payfort and
  • Used ReactN for Global State Management.
  • Worked with React Hooks and created custom Hooks for form validations on the entire app.
  • Worked with Google Maps, Google Places, geolocation, geocoding on React Native (Android/iOS).
  • Worked with CameraRoll and RNCamera to capture images to privately upload to Amazon AWS (aws-sdk), and resized images before uploading.
  • Added support for features such as:
    • Firebase Crashlytics and Analytics
    • Google ReCaptcha
    • NetInfo for Internet state checks
    • AES Encryption
    • PubNub
    • React Native Permissions
    • FaceID/TouchID/Biometrics
    • Sending and receiving base64 data
    • QR Code Generating/Scanning

Project Specs

Mobile Developer
JSON UX React Native JavaScript ES6
Android Studio Xcode WebStorm