Mostafa Magdy

Web Developer && Android Developer
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Personal Information

About me..

Date of Birth
31th of January, 1992
Resident in
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
+20 111 126 7877
• Arabic: Native.
• English: Intermediate.
Bachelor’s Degree in Faculty of Law
at Cairo University, Egypt. Year: 2014

Professional and Personal Experience..

Senior PHP/Mobile Developer at Shift Online Solutions

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
May 2016 – Present
Overall Role

Creating mobile and web apps and websites.

Job Role
  • Creating Mobile Apps using Android (Java) and Cross Platform Apps using React-Native (JavaScript ES6).
  • Creating and Modifying WordPress and Laravel websites and systems.
  • Developing backend admin panels and APIs.
Acquired Skills
React Native JavaScript ES6

Back-End PHP Developer at Anzma Soft

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
September 2016 – May 2017
Overall Role

Creating and Modifying Laravel and Codeigniter systems.

Job Role
  • Creating and Modifying Laravel and Codeigniter systems.
  • Developing backend admin panels.
  • Turn the static design into dynamic website using PHP code.

PHP Developer at Creatova

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
August 2015 – September 2016
Overall Role

Creating WordPress and Laravel websites and systems.

Job Role
  • Creating WordPress and Laravel websites and systems.
  • Sliced design/theme for WordPress and Laravel.
  • Developing backend admin panels.
  • Turn the static design into dynamic website using PHP code.
  • Test and optimize while websites developing.
Acquired Skills
WordPress Laravel

PHP & Android Developer at TibiaME4All

Cairo, Egypt
Since Jan 2012
Overall Role

Developing and updating a website and an Android application

Job Role
It’s kind of my practice website. Been developing and updating it since Jan 2012.
Web Development Role
  • Developed web application and back-end database from scratch.
  • Used the game API to pull players data for high-scores, parsed the data then insert/updated the records on a database and used CronJob to repeat the process every hour to update players’ data automatically.
  • Developed several calculators using game math formulas.
  • Converted Excel files into MySQL format for the game information.
  • Used PHP GD and Image functions to create signature image for each players
  • Used the data above to create an API to feed XML to an Android App.
Android Development Role
  • Created an Android App for the website using the XML data coming from the API mentioned above. And parsed the XML data then listed it into a custom listViews.
  • Used Google Support Libraries to make the app compatible with older Android versions.
  • Used Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) tool to push notifications to the app at the time of posting the news on the website.
  • Used some GitHub libraries to load images, display graphs and apply some of Material Design components.
Acquired Skills
PHP MySQL Android SDK JAVA SE HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery XML

Acquired skills over the years..

Web Development
PHP WordPress Laravel
Mobile Development
Android SDK JAVA SE React Native JavaScript ES6
Scripting Languages
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery JSON XML AJAX
Working with Databases
Tools and Technologies
Android Studio 1.5 Sublime Text 2 PhpStorm PhpMyAdmin Eclipse Photoshop Xampp Wamp Windows 10
Understanding & familiar with
Bootstrap Google Adsense Google APIs Google PageSpeed Google Webmaster Tools Material Design Lite Responsive Design SEO UX
Courses & Certifications

Where I first started to learn code..

Mastering PHP & MySQL at YAT Learning Centers

License Number: YT191596
October 2011
Course Content

• PHP5
• MySQL database

Final Project

• News website with a basic login system, admin panel to add articles and search function.

Acquired Skills

Android Mobile Applications Development Diploma at YAT Learning Centers

License Number: YT291694
September 2014
Course Content

• Android OS
• Java Programming
• Android SDK Application Development
• Publishing Applications to Play Store

Final Project

• To-do list app with a SQLite Db to add, edit and remove tasks and listing them on a custom ListView.

Acquired Skills
SQLite Android SDK JAVA SE
Interests & Turn offs

Likes and Dislikes..

What Makes Me Happy

Loyal friends

Makes my life complete


I'm a keen user of the internet


Started as a hobby, turned into a job


It's all started because of Games.

Digital Photography

I'm not professional but I love taking photos


I always like to keep up-to-date with technology, software and hardware


Building computers, troubleshooting computers is kinda my thing


Trance and electronic music played very loud. That's my jam
What Makes Me Sad




Mankind must end wars before wars end them

Others’ work

Who loves to do others' work anyway?


Rush kills creativity, slow down!


Life is too short to speak much

Parasite people

The exploited persons who uses people without appreciation and with nothing in return

Intolerance people

People who only believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong

Phony humans

Fake, two-faced and deceiving humans who smile at your face and stab you in your back